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Woodburning & Multifuel stove installations

Chimney liner installation
For existing fireplaces
Lining a chimney can ensure a safe insulated flue system from the stove appliance through the property to the outside termination.
Old brick chimneys can become damaged and worn over the years because of weathering and usage. As the original lining of the chimney becomes unsound there is a likelihood of toxic fumes and particles leaking into the house or neighbouring flues. By lining the chimney with a stainless steel flexible liner all these problems are eradicated. Also the benefits of a lined chimney are to create a smooth chimney with fewer areas for soot/tar to build up and by producing a consistent diameter will help flue gases to travel faster therefore producing a better draw.
Twin wall insulated flue system
For houses with no existing chimney
If you do not have the benefits of a chimney you can still have a fabulous wood burner or multi fuel stove in pretty much any room in your home or even your conservatory / garden room.
The twin wall flue system can be installed either internally or externally from the stove.
We can install direct from your stove to exit through an external wall and up the side of your house or through the ceiling to exit through the roof or your home.
Which ever is more suitable we will discuss all the options with you. The external flue system can be either painted black or powder coated to improve the overall appearance.
Stoves in Conservatories
For the coldest part of you house
What better place to have a Wood Burning Stove than in the coldest part of your house. Many people that we see and speak to avoid this part of the house during the winter period because of the cold. Normally underfloor heating is useless and radiators do not do enough to make this a confortable living room when it is cold outside. In fact when it is snowing and white outside this should be the most used room in the home as to enjoy the fantastic views outside. With a wood burning stove fitted it becomes warm, cosy, cost effective and a visual delight to be in.
Why spend over 3 months a year not using something that probably cost you tens of thousands of pounds to have built when in fact you can make this the most used and
enjoyed part of the home even in the winter.
We have now installed many stoves into conservatories, summer houses and garden rooms, whether they be a large feature stove against a main wall or a corner fitting stove to reduce space taken. In most conservatories or garden rooms there is an area where a wood burner can be installed which does not take much space up and transforms the living area.
Obviously no conservatories or garden rooms have a fireplace chimney so we create its own flue either through the roof or through an external wall. We discuss the different options and together decide on the best place for your stove. We supply and install everything needed as well as any simple modifications that have to be made to the conservatory to accommodate the installation.
A stove can be fitted into almost any shape of room whether it is a White PVC type of conservatory – wooden framed style with a glass roof or a pitched tiled roof. Even a flat roof can be an easy exit for a flue system.
With our selection of stoves available you will surely find the right one for your home especially with our corner fitting stoves which are ideal for smaller rooms because of the reduced amount of room that they take, but will produce lots of heat for your surroundings.
The twin wall flue system we use comes in a polished stainless steel that in a white conservatory looks very clean and contemporary but also can be painted black /charcoal to match your stove if prefered.
Home Wood Stoves only use POUJOULAT chimney/flue products unlike many cheaper materials advertised online.
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