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Other options:

 Uniq 23 Side Glass Block Base
 Uniq 23 Curved Block Base
 Uniq 23 Curved Side Glass Block Base

Details & Dimensions

  • Product dimensions:
    Westfire Uniq 23 Block Base
  • Height:
    600 mm
  • Width:
    550 mm
  • Depth:
    380 mm
  • Weight:
    92 Kg
  • Nominal heat output:
    6.1 Kw
  • Efficiency:
    79 %
  • Distance from
    Combustible materials:
  • Rear:
    200 mm
  • Side:
    350 mm
Image gallery

    The Westfire Uniq 23 family of wood burning stoves are a marvel of versatility with an option to suit wherever you decide your stove should be placed. Now with more flexibility as the 2017 models are now available with either a flat door or subtly curved door.  All come with high efficiency as standard with insulated chambers and triple air supplies, you can be sure of quality with the Uniq 23. With so many different options there are a multitude of ways in which the stove can be installed, each is guaranteed to be individual.


    The Westfire Uniq 23 with Block Base, comes in two different sizes, 100 mm and 50 mm, both suitable for a 12 mm glass hearth. These bases move the stove from traditional to modern and can both sit on a table stand to add further to their height and bring in much needed storage. Available in black these stoves are a sleek addition to any home and are also available as a smoke exempt model.


    The Westfire Uniq 23 with side glass greatly improves the view of the fire, allowing the flames to be viewed from the sides as well as through the large front glass.  This full convection stove has a very efficient chamber and can be placed on a 12 mm hearth. The block base brings a contemporary feel to the stove. Now available in a model especially designed for smoke exempt zones.


    The Uniq 23 Curve Wood stove has a gently curved door and sits on a 100 mm block base. This contemporary wood stove  looks very chic with its smooth lines and stainless steel milled handle. The large glass shows the fire inside the chamber, insulated  vermiculite panels reflect the warmth of the glow into  the room. The Uniq 23 range is a full convection stove and is available in  choice of designs either with Side glass or with solid sides.