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Stove Options:

 Ceramic
 Serpentine
 Steel

Details & Dimensions

  • Product dimensions:
    Lugo Steel
  • Height:
    1213 mm
  • Width:
    560 mm
  • Depth:
    470 mm
  • Weight:
    182 Kg
  • Nominal heat output:
    6 Kw
  • Efficiency:
    80.1 %
  • Distance from
    Combustible materials:
  • Rear:
    100 mm
  • Side:
    100 mm
  • Front:
    1000 mm
Image gallery

The oval shape of the LUGO fireplace stove gives the interior a cozy feeling. It includes nice details, such as a sill above the furnace or the door handle whose technical design lends the LUGO fireplace stove an elegant look. Ceramic is a natural material. That is why it radiates heat into the room long after the fire has burned out.

•  possibility to install accumulation elements on the back side of LUGO
•  high heat radiation capacity thanks to accumulation elements
•  long-lasting radiation of heat
•  suitable for low-energy houses
•  possibility to connect an upper or rear flue gas exhaust
•  preparation for an external connection of the combustion air intake (CAI)
•  preheating of the secondary air to keep the glass clean
•  regulation of primary and secondary air intake by a single control element
•  closable wood storage for a smaller amount of wood
•  select from 30 ceramic color options
•  accumulation parts for additional charge