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Stove Options:

 Steel
 Ceramic
 Soapstone

Details & Dimensions

  • Product dimensions:
    Alpera E Steel
  • Height:
    974 mm
  • Width:
    528 mm
  • Depth:
    394 mm
  • Weight:
    118 Kg
  • Nominal heat output:
    5 Kw
  • Efficiency:
    80 %
  • Distance from
    Combustible materials:
  • Rear:
    100 mm
  • Side:
    100 mm
  • Front:
    1000 mm
Image gallery

    Romotop is one of the European leaders in the production of fireplace stoves offering a range of  innovative contemporary wood burners.

    The fabulous Alpera E is a sleek rounded convectional wood burning stove with a great 5 Kw nominal heat output.

    Curved door glass to aid the view of the fire from all areas of your room.

    Available in Ceramic, Soapstone or Steel version.

    A compact stove with minimum demands on space with its popular oval base.

    •  suitable for low-energy houses
    •  radius glass allows you to see the flames from different angles
    •  preheating of the secondary air to keep the glass clean
    •  air regulation with only one control
    •  preparation for an external connection of the combustion air intake (CAI)